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Thomas Cronin

Research Geologist

Contact Info

Short Biography

➢    BA, Colgate (geology) 1972
➢    MA, Ph.D. Harvard (geology) 1977
➢    USGS Research Geologist 1978-present
➢    Adjunct faculty Georgetown University Walsh School of Foreign Service, 2002-present;
➢    Faculty 2008-09 Urbino (Italy) Summer School for Paleoclimatology.
➢    White House Office of Science, Technology and Policy (OSTP), 1996/97
➢    Shizuoka University, Japan. NSF-sponsored visiting researcher; 1991,
➢    National Research Council post-doc, USGS 1977-1978.

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Books & Volumes

Author: Cronin, T. M. 2009. Paleoclimates: A Context for Climate Change. Columbia University Press (non-official).

Editor:  N. Ikeya, T. Kamiya, T. Cronin, eds. 2005. “Application of Ostracoda to Paleoclimate” Palaeogeography, Palaeoecology, Palaeoclimatology.  Vol.  225 (#1-4)

Editor:  Langland, M. J. and T. M. Cronin, eds., 2003, A summary report of sediment processes in Chesapeake bay and watershed: U.S. Geological Survey Water-Resources Investigations Report 03-4123, 109 p.

Editor: Cronin, T. M. 2000. Initial Report on IMAGES V Cruise of Marion-Dufresne to Chesapeake Bay June, 1999. USGS OFR 00-306.

Author: Cronin, T. M. 1999. Principles of Paleoclimatology. Columbia University Press. 560 pp. (non-official).

Editor: Cronin, T. M., K. Ogasawara, J. Wolfe, eds. 1994. "Cenozoic Climate and Paleogeographic Changes in the Pacific Region" Palaeogeography, Palaeoecology, Palaeoclimatology. Special issue vol. 108. 

Editor: Cronin, T. M., W. F. Cannon, R. Z. Poore, eds., 1983.  Paleoclimate and Mineral Deposits.  USGS Circular 822.

Editor: Cronin, T. M. and H. Dowsett, eds. 1991. Pliocene Climates. Quaternary Science Reviews, vol. 10  (PRISM volume)

Recent  papers

Cronin, T. M., P. R. Vogt, D. A. Willard, R Thunell, J. Halka, M. Berke, and J. Pohlman. 2007, Rapid sea level rise and ice sheet response to 8,200-year climate event, Geophysical Research Letters. 34, L20603.

Yasuhara, M., T. M. Cronin, P. B. deMenocal, H. Okahashi, B. K. Linsley. 2008. Abrupt climate change and collapse of deep-sea ecosystems.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (5): 1556-1560.

Cronin, T. M. T. Edgar, G. Brooks, D. Hastings, R. Larson, A. Hine, S. Locker, B. Suthard, B. Flower, J. Wehmiller, D. Willard, S. Smith.  2007. Sea Level Rise in Tampa Bay. EOS, Trans. AGU, 88 (10): 117-118.

Cronin, T. M. and H. A. Walker. 2006. Restoring coastal ecosystems and abrupt climate change.  Climatic Change 74(4):  369-374.

Cronin, T. M., Thunell, R., Dwyer, G. S., Saenger, C., Mann, M. E., and Vann, C. 2005. Multiproxy evidence of Holocene climate variability from estuarine sediments, eastern North America. Paleoceanography 20: 4006.

Cronin, T. M., P. Manley, S. Brachfeld, T. Manley, D. A. Willard, J.-P. Guilbault, J. A. Rayburn, M. Berke. 2008. Salinity Changes in the Champlain Sea (New York, Vermont) ~11.4-10.8 ka: Implications for Glacial Lake Drainage. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, v. 262, p. 46-60.

Yasuhara, M. and T. M. Cronin. 2008. Climatic influences on deep-sea ostracode (Crustacea) species diversity for the last three million years. Ecology v. 89, p. S53-S65.

Greene, C. H., A. J. Pershing, T. M. Cronin, N. Ceci. 2008. Arctic climate change and its impacts on the ecology of the North Atlantic.  Ecology v. 89, p. S24-S38.

Brinkhuis, H. and IODP-ACEX 302 Scientific Staff. 2006. Episodic fresh surface waters in the Eocene Arctic Ocean. Nature, v. 441, p. 606-609. 

Pagani, M., and IODP-ACEX 302 Scientific Staff. 2006. Arctic hydrology during global warming at the Palaeocene/Eocene thermal maximum. Nature, v. 442, p. 671-675.

Saenger, C., T. M. Cronin, R. Thunell, C. Vann. 2006. Modeling river discharge and precipitation from estuarine salinity in the northern Chesapeake Bay: Application to Holocene paleoclimate. The Holocene, v. 16, no. 4, p. 1-11.

Moran, K, J. Backman, and IODP-ACEX-302 Scientific Staff. 2006. The Cenozoic paleoenvironment of the Arctic Ocean. Nature, v. 441, p. 601-605.

Saenger, C., Cronin, T. M., Willard, D., Halka, J., Kerhin, R. 2008, Increased terrestrial to ocean sediment fluxes in the northern Chesapeake Bay with twentieth century land alteration. Estuaries and Coasts, v. 31, p. 492-500.

Polyak, L. R. Alley, J. Andrews, J. Brigham-Grette, T. M. Cronin, D. Darby, A. Dyke; J. Fitzpatrick, S. Funder, M. Holland, A. Jennings, G. Miller, M. O'Regan, J. Savelle, M. Serreze, K. St. John, J. White. 2010. History of Sea Ice in the Arctic. Quaternary Science Reviews, v. 29 (15-16), p. 1757-1778.

Rayburn, J. A., T. M. Cronin, D. A. Franzi, P. L. K. Knuepfer, D. A. Willard. In press. Timing and duration of glacial lake discharges and the Younger Dryas climate reversal. Quaternary Research.

Cronin, T. M., K. Hayo, R. M. Thunell, D. S. Dwyer, C. Saenger, D. A. Willard. 2010. Medieval-Little Ice Age Climate Variability in Chesapeake Bay and the North Atlantic Region. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. v. 297, p. 299-310.

Cronin, T. M., L. Gemery,, W. M. Briggs, Jr., M. Jakobsson, L. Polyak, E. M. Brouwers. 2010. Quaternary sea-ice history in the Arctic Ocean based on a new sea-ice proxy. Quaternary Science Reviews v. 29, p. 3415-3429.

Jennings, A. E., C. Sheldon, T. M. Cronin, J. Stoner, J. T. Andrews. 2011. The Holocene History of Nares Strait: Transition from glacial bay to Arctic-Atlantic Throughflow.  Oceanography. 24(3):26–41,

Manley, P., T. O. Manley, K. Hayo, T. M. Cronin. 2011. Small-scale Lacustrine Drifts in Lake Champlain, Vermont.   Journal of Great Lakes Research. doi:10.1016/j.jglr.2011.05.004.

Cronin, T. M. 2011. Forward to “Reconstructing Earth's Climate History” by Kristen St. John and Mark Leckie. Wiley-Blackwell.

Farmer, J. R., T. M. Cronin, A. de Vernal, G. S. Dwyer, L. D. Keigwin, R. C. Thunell. 2011. Ocean temperature variability in the Western Arctic Ocean during the last 8000 years. Geophysical Research Letters 38, L24602, doi:10.1029/2011GL049714.

Yasuhara, M., G Hunt, T. M. Cronin, N. Hokanishi, H. Kawahata, A. Tsujimoto, and M. Ishitake. 2011. Climatic forcing of Quaternary deep-sea benthic communities in the North Pacific Ocean Paleobiology 38:876-893.

Cronin, T. M. 2011. Was pre-20th century sea level stable? AGU EOS Forum Dec 6, 2011.


My Science Topics

Science Topic
Atmosphere and Climateclimate change
Atmosphere and Climateglobal change
Atmosphere and Climateglobal warming
Ecology and Environmentbenthic ecosystems
Ecology and Environmentbiodiversity
Ecology and Environmentecosystems
Geologic Processessedimentation
Oceans and Coastlinescoastal ecosystems
Oceans and Coastlinescoastal zones
Oceans and Coastlinesmarine ecosystems
Oceans and Coastlinesocean circulation
Oceans and Coastlinesocean temperature
Oceans and Coastlinespaleoceanography
Plants and Animalsspecies diversity

My USGS Science Strategy Areas

Climate Variability & Change

Geological records of climate, sea level, ecosystems, ocean circulation

Specializing in

*North American estuaries

*Arctic Ocean Paleoclimate Records

*North Atlantic Paleoceanography

*Cenozoic stratigraphy and climate

*Quaternary sea level changes

*Estuaries and human and climatic impacts

Contact Information

Thomas Cronin
12201 Sunrise Valley Dr
Reston, VA 20192-0002
703-648-6032 - Fax
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