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Jeffrey Lovich

Research Ecologist

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Jeff Lovich is a Research Ecologist with the Southwest Biological Science Center. Dr. Lovich has studied the ecology and systematics of turtles and other reptiles for over 30 years, discovering and naming 4 of the world’s 330 turtle species, including three in the United States and one in Japan. Other interests include the ecological impacts of invasive species, the ecology and distribution of relict species, and the impacts of human activities (including renewable energy development) on ecological patterns and processes in the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts. During his career, he published numerous scientific papers and popular publications, including four books on topics ranging from turtles, to biological diversity, to the state of the Colorado River ecosystem in Grand Canyon. He is experienced in the application of adaptive management in the context of the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program. In addition to serving on the editorial boards and directorates of various professional societies he is a member of the IUCN (World Conservation Union), Species Survival Commission, Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group. He received a Fulbright Senior Specialist Award in 2008 to collaborate with researchers at Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech, Morocco. Current research focuses on the impacts of wind and solar energy development on federally protected populations of the desert tortoise and the ecology of poorly-known species of turtles in the United States and Morocco.

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Lovich, J.E., C.H. Ernst, and S.W. Gotte. 1985. Geographic variation in Chinemys reevesii (Gray) and the status of Geoclemys grangeri Schmidt. J. Herpetol. 19:238‑245. [Download File]

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My USGS Science Strategy Areas

Understanding Ecosystems & Predicting Ecosystems Change

Energy & Minerals for America's Future

Ecology, herpetology

Image of Current Focus for Ecology, herpetology

I am primarily interested in the ecology, taxonomy and conservation of the world's turtles. Over half of the world's turtle species are imperiled, including a similar proportion in the United States. Additional research interests include the effects of utility-scale alternative energy development and operation on terrestrial and aquatic wildlife, the effects of human activities on ecological patterns and processes in desert ecosystems, and the ecology and impacts of invasive exotic species.

Contact Information

Jeffrey Lovich
2255 North Gemini Drive
Flagstaff, AZ 86001-1637
928-556-7092 - Fax
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