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Carolyn Driedger


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Short Biography

Welcome to Carolyn's professional page.  My career began with research on glaciers, principally those gracing our Cascade Range volcanoes, and later on glacier-related floods and debris flows.  Witnessing the May 18 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens and taking part in the response set the course for several fascinating scientific projects. It also provided a front-row seat for observation and reflection regarding the role of science in society.  As CVO's Outreach Coordinator, I work in partnership with public officials, emergency planners, media, park interpreters, and educators to advance the cause of volcano preparedness.  Some earlier career choices have informed current work, including several years of teaching in a US public school and a private school in Kathmandu, Nepal, and working for the National Park Service.  My education continues daily through partnership projects and communications with the media, officials, and the public.        


USGS Professional History

USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory, Vancouver, WA 1990 - present

USGS Washington Water Resources District Office, Tacoma, WA 1987 - 1990

USGS National Research Program Project Office - Glaciology, Tacoma, WA 1978 - 1986


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My Science Topics

Science Topic
Natural Hazardshazards
Natural Hazardslahars
Natural Hazardsvolcanic activity
Natural Hazardsvolcanoes
Water Resourcessurface water

My USGS Science Strategy Areas

A National Hazard, Risk, and Resilience Assessment Program

Outreach Mandate

Image of Current Focus for Outreach Mandate

Our science isn't done until it is shared.

Favorite Quote:  "[Scientists] must use the same ingenuity and creativity in dealing with information for the public that they use in solving scientific problems.  When this falls short, even excellent scientific results may be nullified."  

Don Peterson, former Scientist-in-Charge at USGS CVO  From:  D.W. Peterson, 1988 Volcano hazards and public response: Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol 93, No B5 pages p.4161-4170.

Community partnerships--key components for effective outreach

Image of Community partnerships--key components for effective outreach

Some Partners in Volcano Preparedness:

Washington Emergency Management Division

Oregon Office of Emergency Management

Emergency management agencies in jurisdictions of Washington and Oregon

National Park Service

Forest Service

Mount St. Helens Institute

Mount Baker Volcano Research Center


Volcano Hazard Work Groups

Mount Baker/Glacier Peak

Mount Rainier

Mount St. Helens/Mount Adams

Mount Hood

Central Oregon Volcanoes


Professional Committees

IAVCEI Cities and Volcanoes Commission

Volcano Science Center Communication Work Group

Volcano Science Center Technical Information Products Committee

Portland Regional Public Information Officer (PIO) work group


Professional Memberships and Certifications

International Association for Volcanology and Chemistry of Earth's Interior (IAVCEI)

American Geophysical Union (AGU)

Geological Society of America (GSA) 

National Association for Interpretation (NAI)  (Certified Interpretive Planner)

Washington Science Teachers Association (WSTA)  

FEMA (Certified instructor for Volcano Crisis Awareness course) 

Licensed Professional Geologist in State of Washington

Contact Information

Carolyn Driedger
1300 SE Cardinal Court Bldg. 10
Vancouver, WA 98683
360-993-8980 - Fax
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