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Dale Griffin

Environmental and Public Health Microbiologist

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Short Biography

Dale received a B.S. in Microbiology in 1990 from the Department of Biology, University of South Florida (USF). In December of 1994 he received a Master of Science in Public Health, with a research focus on methods development (IMS-multiplex-PCR, dot blot) for the detection of two pathogenic protozoa (Cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia lamblia) in environmental samples, from the College of Public Health, USF.  In December of 1999 he received a Doctorate of Philosophy with a research focus on the use of molecular methods for detection of water quality indicator microorganisms and pathogenic viruses in fresh and marine waters from the Department of Marine Sciences, USF, St. Petersburg, Florida (major advisor, Dr. Joan B. Rose). In his first Post Doctoral position at USF’s College of Marine Science, he worked with Dr. John H. Paul III on human enterovirus detection assays, marine lysogeny and isolation of viruses lytic to the red-tide agent Karenia brevis. In his second Post Doctoral position at the United States Geological Survey in St. Petersburg Florida, he worked with Dr. Eugene A. Shinn on a NASA funded grant to study microbiology and public health issues associated with atmospheric transatlantic transport of African dust to the Caribbean and Americas. He has been awarded Master Certificates in Six Sigma and Lean Enterprise Solutions by Villanova University. Dale is currently employed by the U.S. Geological Survey as an environmental public health microbiologist and is working on microbial water quality issues and long range dust storm associated dispersion of microorganisms around the globe.

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Publications (Peer Review)


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My Science Topics

Science Topic
Environmental Issuescontamination and pollution
Environmental Issuesdeforestation
Environmental Issuesdesertification
Environmental Issuesground-water quality
Environmental Issueshealth and disease
Environmental Issueshuman impacts
Environmental Issuesmarine water quality
Environmental Issuesnonpoint-source pollution
Environmental Issuespesticides and herbicides
Environmental Issuespharmaceuticals
Environmental Issuesrecreation
Environmental Issuessurface water quality
Environmental Issueswaste treatment and disposal
Environmental Issueswater quality

Global transport of microorganisms and toxic compounds in clouds of desert dust

Image of Current Focus for Global transport of microorganisms and toxic compounds in clouds of desert dust

One of the most surprising bits of trivia about this field of science is how few scientists are actively involved in research. Long range dispersion of microorganisms, nutrients, and toxic compounds via our atmosphere may impact the health of downwind native ecosystems, crops, livestock, and humans (and there is the benefits of dust transport - many terrestrial and marine plants in downwind environments derive nutrients from dust). At the microbial scale it is not hard to imagine how this mechanism may influence the presence of species and genetic elements in any potential downwind environment no matter the distance.........this is a wide-open and lightly explored field....are you interested?

USGS Microbiology Laboratory - St. Petersburg (USGS-MLSP)

Study types - Viral source tracking - Limitations of the current water quality indicators - Pathogen monitoring in soils, water, and air - Desert dust microbiology - Extreme altitude, lower altitude and cave aeromicrobiology.

Laboratory capabilities

1. Standard, reverse transciptase, quantitative and digital polymerase chain reaction assays.

2. Standard and epifluorescent (for bacterial, fungal, viral, and protozoa pathogen ID, microbial direct counts, and cellular studies) microscopy.

3. ZEISS epiflourescent microscope is equipped with a micromanipulator for cell capture.

4. Immunomagnetic separation and other methods for cell separation/capture.

5. High and low volume membrane filtration for both aquatic and atmospheric studies.

6. High volume liquid impingement for atmospheric studies.

7. Particle counter and particle characterization for atmospheric studies.

8. Equipped for indicator and host/phage studies.

9. Cloning and sequence based studies.

10. Experienced and equipped for extraction of nucleic acids from 'problem samples'

11. Laboratory is USDA permitted for the import of foreign soils. 

Funding/Pending Support

1.     Co-PI. Enteroviral analysis of Crystal Springs. Perrier Water. 1999-2000. $59,242.

2.     Co-PI. Enteroviral analysis of Crystal Springs. Perrier Water. 2000-2001. $59,242.

3.     PI. Rapid Identification of Microbes and Microbial Communities Isolated from Air, Soil and Water using a Biolog 62401A MicroStation System. USGS. 2001-2003. $42,913.

4.     Co-PI. Combined Use of Microbiological and Geochemical Techniques to Determine Sources and Fate of Nitrate in Spring Waters. Leon County, Florida. 2003-2004. $100,000.

5.     PI. African Dust as a Source of Pathogens to Reef Environments. USGS. 2002-2003. $29,772.

6.     Co-PI. U.S. Global Dust Program. USGS. 2003-2006. $2,500,000.

7.     Co-PI. Human fecal indicator bacteria and pathogenic viruses in offshore reefs and human recreational risk in nearshore waters of the Florida Keys. USEPA/FKNMS. 2003-2004. $99,923.

8.     Co-PI. Delineation of the movement of recharged wastewater from the southeast spray-field through the upper Floridan aquifer, Leon and Wakulla Counties, Florida. City of Tallahassee. 2004-2006. $165,000.

9.     Co-PI. Measuring the impact of wastewater on concentrations of nutrients, fecal bacteria, and human enteric viruses in ground and surface water in Dry Tortugas National Park. USGS/NPS. 2004-2006. $60,000.

10.  Co-PI. Tracing reclaimed water recharged from the Lake City spray-field into the ground water basin for Ichetucknee Springs. FDEP. 2005. $100,000.

11.  Co-PI. South Florida Geographic Initiative, Special Study – Transport of pollutants by ground water – Task 1. USEPA. 2006. $80,000.

12.  Co-PI. Identification of land-based pollution in South Florida coral reefs: Host specific viruses as conservative markers of human sewage. USEPA. 2006-2008. $52,490.

13.  PI. South Florida Geographic Initiative, Special Study – Identification of sources and signals of land-based pollution emanating from coastal submarine groundwater discharge sites – Task II. USEPA. 2007-2008. $100,000.

14.  Co-PI. Chemical and microbiological characterization of the Saint Marks River. NOAA. 2008-2009. $100,000.

15.  PI. Human fecal microflora as a source of coral pathogens in the Dry Tortugas National Park: Are coral pathogens invasives or endemic. 2009-2010. USGS/USNPS Park Oriented Biological Support Program. $69,958.

16.  PI. Desert dust microbiology and human health. 2009. US Navy, BUMED. $120,000.

17.  Co-PI. Microbial water quality affects from lower flows and increased migratory bird densities induced by agricultural and natural resources management decisions in the Central Platte river basin ecosystem. 2009-2011. USGS. $299,900.

18.  PI. Microbial and chemical analyses of Asian desert dust impacting air quality in the NW continental United States. 2010. USGS. $29,000.

19.  PI. A continental U.S. soil survey for background concentrations of Bacillus anthracis, Yersinia pestis and Francisella tularensis. 2010-2011. USEPA. $410,000.

20.  PI. Mimicking spherical dust as a drug delivery system. 2010. DARPA. $40,000.

21.  Co-PI. Climate-change based predictive modeling of rising Vibrio illness in the U.S. 2011-2012. US Centers for Disease Control. $97,205.

22.  PI. Microbial analyses of Chinese wallboard samples. 2011. U.S. Consumer Protection Safety Commission. $40,000.

23.  PI. Screening test samples for biological warfare agent surrogates. 2011. USEPA. $30,000.

24.  PI. Pathogenic bacteria in North American soils: A joint USGS – USEPA study. 2012-2013. USEPA. $75,000.

25.  PI. Pathogenic bacteria in North American soils: A joint USGS – USEPA study. 2013-2014. USEPA. $100,000.

26.  PI. An analysis of water samples using Quanti-trays. 2014-2015. University of Oklahoma. $28,000.

27.  PI. Atmospheric detection of Coccidioides immitis. 2014. US Centers for Disease Control. $20,000.

28.  PI. Pathogenic bacteria in North American soils: A joint USGS – USEPA study. 2014-2015. USGS Contaminate Biology Program. $104,555.

29.  Co-I. The U.S. Geological Survey’s Sediment-bound Contaminant Resiliency and Response Strategy: A Tiered Multi-metric Approach to Environmental Health and Hazards in the Northeastern USA. 2015-2016. USGS. $2,000,000.

30.  PI. Pathogenic bacteria in North American soils: A joint USGS – USEPA study. 2014-2015. USEPA. $75,000.

31.  PI. Detection of toxins and mutagens in marine sediments of SE Florida. 2014-2015. FLDEP. $13,864.

32.  PI. Microbial method development and geographic information systems project. 2014-2015. USEPA. $25,000.

Contact Information

Dale Griffin
600 4Th Street South
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
727-502-8182 - Fax
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