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Andrew Stevens


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College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

M.S., Oceanography, November 2004
Thesis entitled, "The impact of physical and biological properties on the erodibility of sediments along the western Adriatic Sea, Italy"

Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA

B.S., Oceanography, May 2002 (with honors)
Thesis entitled, "Surface sediment grain-size distributions of Humboldt Bay, California"

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Gelfenbaum, G., Stevens, A.W., Miller, I., Warrick, J.A., Ogston, A.S., and E. Eidam, 2015, Large-scale dam removal on the Elwha River, Washington, USA; Coastal geomorphic change, Geomorphology, v. 246, p. 649-668. [Link]

Stevens, A.W. and J.R. Lacy, 2012, Influence of wave energy and sediment transport on seagrass distribution: Estuaries and Coasts, v. 35, p. 92-108. [Link]

Stevens, A.W., Gelfenbaum, G., Ruggiero, P., and G.M. Kaminsky, 2012, Southwest Washington littoral drift restoration; Beach and nearshore morphological monitoring: US Geological Survey Open-File Report 2012-1175, 67 p. [Link]

George, D.A., Gelfenbaum, G., and A.W. Stevens, 2012, Modeling the hydrodynamic and morphologic response of an estuary restoration: Estuaries and Coasts. [Download File]

Gelfenbaum, G., Apotsos, A., Stevens, A.W., and B. Jaffe, 2011, Effects of fringing reefs on tsunami inundation: American Samoa. Earth-Science Reviews, v. 107, p. 12-22. [Link]

Apotsos, A. Gelfenbaum, G., Jaffe, B., Watt, S., Peck, B., Buckley, M., and A. Stevens, 2011, Tsunami inundation and sediment transport in a sediment-limited embayment on American Samoa: Earth Science Reviews, v. 107, p. 1-11. [Link]

Warrick, J.A., Stevens, A.W., Miller, I.M., and G. Gelfenbaum, 2011, Coastal Processes of the Elwha River delta, in Duda, J.J., Warrick, J.A., and Magirl, C.S., eds., 2011, Coastal habitats of the Elwha River, Washington— Biological and physical patterns and processes prior to dam removal: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2011–5120, 264 p. [Link]

Warrick, J.A., and A.W. Stevens, 2011, A buoyant plume adjacent to a headland- Observations of the Elwha River plume. Continental Shelf Research , v. 31, p. 85-97. [Download File]

Jaffe, Bruce E.; Gelfenbaum, Guy; Buckley, Mark L.; Watt, Steve; Apotsos, Alex; Stevens, Andrew W.; Richmond, Bruce M., 2010. The Limit of Inundation of the September 29, 2009, Tsunami on Tutuila, American Samoa. U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2010-1018, Report: vi, 27 p. ; Inundation line data (comma-delimited text file; Excel; ESRI); Metadata (ASCII; XML; FAQ as HTML) [Link]

Depew, D.C., Stevens, A.W., Hecky, R., and R.E.H. Smith, 2009, Detection and characterization of benthic filamentous algal stands (Cladophora sp.) on rocky substrata using a high-frequency echosounder. Limnology and Oceanography; Methods, v. 7, p. 693-705. [Download File]

Gelfenbaum, G., Stevens, A.W., Warrick, J.A., and E. Elias, 2009, Modeling sediment transport and delta morphology on the dammed Elwha River, Washington State, USA. 6th International Conference on Coastal Dynamics 2009 Proceedings, Tokyo, Japan. [Download File]

Stevens, Andrew W.; Lacy, Jessica R.; Finlayson, David P.; Gelfenbaum, Guy, 2008. Evaluation of a Single-Beam Sonar System to Map Seagrass at Two Sites in Northern Puget Sound, Washington. Geological Survey (U.S.) Scientific Investigations Report 2008-5009, vi, 45 p. [Link]

Stevens, A.W., Gelfenbaum, G., Elias, E., and C. Jones, 2008, Incorporation of fine-grained sediment erodibility measurements into sediment transport modeling, Capitol Lake, Washington: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2008-1340, 72 p. [Link]

Grossman, Eric E.; Stevens, Andrew; Gelfenbaum, Guy; Curran, Christopher, 2007. Nearshore Circulation and Water-Column Properties in the Skagit River Delta, Northern Puget Sound, Washington: Juvenile Chinook Salmon Habitat Availability in the Swinomish Channel. Geological Survey (U.S.) Scientific Investigations Report 2007-5120, 97 p. [Link]

Grossman, Eric; Stevens, Andrew; Curran, Chris; Smith, Collin; Schwartz, Andrew, 2007. Bathymetry, Substrate and Circulation in Westcott Bay, San Juan Islands, Washington. Geological Survey (U.S.) Open-File Report 2007-1305, 42 p. [Link]

Warrick, J.A., George, D.A., Stevens, A.W., Eshleman, J., Gelfenbaum, G., Kaminsky, G.M., Schwartz, A.K., and M. Beirne, 2007, Beach morphology monitoring in the Elwha River littoral cell, 2004–2006: U. S. Geological Survey Data Series 288, 38 p. [Link]

Wheatcroft, R.A., Stevens, A.W., and R.V. Johnson, 2007, In Situ time-series measurements of subseafloor properties: IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, v. 32, p. 862-871. [Link]

George, Douglas A.; Gelfenbaum, Guy; Lesser, Giles; Stevens, Andrew W., 2006. Deschutes Estuary Feasibility Study; Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport Modeling. Open-File Report 2006-1318, 222 p. plus two appendixes (177 p.) [Link]

Walsh, J. P., Corbett, R., Mallinson, D., Goni, M., Dail , M., Loewy, C., Marciniak, K., Ryan, K., Smith, C., Stevens, A.W., Sumners, B., and T. Tesi, 2006, Mississippi Delta Mudflow Activity and 2005 Gulf Hurricanes: Eos Trans. AGU, v. 87, p. 477.

Stevens, A.W., Wheatcroft, R.A., and P.L Wiberg, 2006, Sediment erodibility along the western Adriatic Sea, Italy: Continental Shelf Research, v. 27, p. 400-416. [Download File]

Wheatcroft, R.A., Stevens, A.W., Hunt, L.H. and T. Milligan, 2006, The large-scale distribution and internal geometry of the Fall 2000 Po River flood deposit; evidence from digital x-radiography: Continental Shelf Research, v. 26, p. 499-516. [Download File]

Borgeld, J.C. and A.W. Stevens, 2005, Humboldt Bay, California, surface sediments 2000-01, in Schlosser, S.C., and R. Rasmussen, eds., Proceedings of the Humboldt Bay symposium; Current perspectives on the physical and biological processes of Humboldt Bay, p. 51-64. [Download File]


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Contact Information

Andrew Stevens
2831 Mission Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
831-427-4748 - Fax
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