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Thomas Bullen

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I have been with the National Research Program of the USGS  Water Mission Area since 1990, and am the organization's resident expert in the analysis and application of metal and metalloid isotopes for hydrologic, biogeochemical and environmental research. My technical training is in the fields of fluid mechanics (B.A. degree) and igneous geochemistry (Ph.D degree), which combined with my diverse research experiences while at the USGS has resulted in a strong inter-disciplinary approach to my science. I have long-standing interests in the science of small watersheds, large aquifers, contaminant transport and fate, human health and biogeochemical tracing techniques in general. My current research is focused on developing novel metal stable isotope tracing techniques to understand hydropedologic processes in forested watersheds and to determine the sources, transport mechanisms and fates of metals deposited on those watersheds as dust.

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My Science Topics

Science Topic
Ecology and Environmentecological processes
Ecology and Environmentecosystem functions
Ecology and Environmentenvironmental assessment
Ecology and Environmentforests
Earth Characteristicsigneous rocks
Environmental Issuescontamination and pollution
Environmental Issuesground-water quality
Environmental Issueshealth and disease
Environmental Issueshuman impacts
Environmental Issuesindustrial pollution
Environmental Issuessurface water quality
Environmental Issuestoxic trace elements
Environmental Issueswaste treatment and disposal
Geologic Processesgeochemistry
Geologic Processessoil chemistry
Geologic Processeswater chemistry
Hydrologic Processeshydrology
Hydrologic Processessaltwater intrusion
Techniques and Methodsisotopic analysis
Techniques and Methodslaboratory methods
Techniques and Methodstree ring analysis
Water Resourcesaquifers
Water Resourcesground-water quality
Water Resourcessurface water quality

My USGS Science Strategy Areas

A Water Census of the United States

Climate Variability & Change

The Role of Environment and Wildlife in Human Health

Understanding Ecosystems & Predicting Ecosystems Change

Contact Information

Thomas Bullen
345 Middlefield Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025
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