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Stacey Archfield


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My research can be broadly characterized as the use of statistics to simplify, understand and address complex, cross-disciplinary water resource problems. I have a particular interest in using statistics to arrive at parsimonious characterizations of natural systems. I am currently employing this philosophy to advance understanding related to changes in hydrologic phenomenon, prediction of flow at ungauged basins, similarity in hydrologic response between catchments, and ecohydrology

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Bhaskar, A.S., D.M. Hogan, and S.A. Archfield, 2016, Urban base flow with Low Impact Development, Hydrologic Processes, doi: 10.1002/hyp.10808. [Link]

Hirsch, R.M. and S.A. Archfield, 2015, Flood trends: Not higher but more often, Nature Climate Change 5, 198-199, doi:10.1038/nclimate2551. [Link]

R.M. Hirsch, S.A. Archfield, and L.A. De Cicco, 2015, A bootstrap method for estimating uncertainty of water quality trends, Environmental Modelling & Software, v. 73, November 2015, 148-166, doi: 10.1016/j.envsoft.2015.07.017. [Link]

Archfield, S.A, M. Clark, B. Arheimer, L.E. Hay, W.H. Farmer, H. McMillan, J. Seibert, J.E. Kiang, T. Wagener, A. Bock, K. Hakala, V. Andréassian, S. Attinger, A. Viglione, R.R. Knight, and T.M. Over, 2015, Accelerating advances in continental domain hydrologic modeling, Water Resources Research, 51, 10078–10091, doi:10.1002/2015WR017498. [Link]

Singh, R., S.A. Archfield, and T. Wagener, 2014, Identifying dominant controls on hydrologic model parameter transfer from gauged to ungauged basins - a comparative hydrology approach, Journal of Hydrology, doi: 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2014.06.030, 2014. [Link]

Kiang, J.E., D. Stewart, S.A. Archfield, E.B. Osborne, and K. Eng, 2013, A National Streamflow Network Gap Analysis, U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2013–5013, 79 p. plus one appendix as a separate file [Link]

Archfield S.A., A. Pugliese, A. Castellarin, J.O. Skøien, and J.E. Kiang, 2013, Topological and canonical kriging for design flood prediction in ungauged catchments: an improvement over a traditional regional regression approach?, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 17, 1575-1588, doi:10.5194/hess-17-1575-2013, 2013. [Link]

Archfield, S. A., Steeves, P. A., Guthrie, J. D., and Ries III, K. G., 2013, Towards a publicly available, map-based regional software tool to estimate unregulated daily streamflow at ungauged rivers, Geosci. Model Dev., 6, 101-115, doi:10.5194/gmd-6-101-2013. [Link]

Parajka, J., V. Andréassian, S.A. Archfield, A. Bárdossy, G. Blöschl, F. Chiew, Q. Duan, A. Gelfan, K. Hlavčová, R. Merz, N. McIntyre, L. Oudin, C. Perrin, M. Rogger, J.L. Salinas, H.G. Savenije, J.O. Skøien, T. Wagener, E. Zehe, and Y. Zhang (Contributors listed in alphabetical order), 2013, “Chapter 10. Prediction of runoff hydrographs in ungauged basins.” In: Runoff Prediction in Ungauged Basins: Synthesis across Processes, Places and Scales, Bloeschl, G., M. Sivapalan, T. Wagener, A. Viglione, H. Savenije, (Eds.). Cambridge University Press, UK.

Archfield, S.A., 2013, “Chapter 11.7. Setting Environmental Flow Targets in Northeast USA.” In: Runoff Prediction in Ungauged Basins: Synthesis across Processes, Places and Scales, Bloeschl, G., M. Sivapalan, T. Wagener, A. Viglione, H. Savenije, (Eds.). Cambridge University Press, UK.

Archfield, S.A., J.G. Kennen, D.M. Carlisle, D.M. Wolock, 2013, An objective and parsimonious approach for classifying natural flow regimes at a continental scale, River Research and Applications, doi: 10.1002/rra.2710. [Link]

Medalie, L., R.M. Hirsch, and S.A. Archfield, 2012, Use of flow-normalization to evaluate nutrient concentration and flux changes in Lake Champlain tributaries, 1990–2009, Journal of Great Lakes Research, 38(1): 58–67, doi: 10.1016/j.jglr.2011.10.002.

Linhart, S.M., J.F. Nania, C.L. Sanders, L. Curtis Jr., and S.A. Archfield, 2012. Computing daily mean streamflow at ungaged locations in Iowa by using the Flow Anywhere and Flow Duration Curve Transfer statistical methods. U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2012-5232, vi, 50 p.

Levin, S.B., S.A. Archfield, and A.J. Massey, 2011. Refinement and evaluation of the Massachusetts firm-yield estimator model version 2.0. U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2011-5125, vii, 41 p.; Appendices; Appendix Selector [Link]

Weiskel, P.K.. S.L. Brandt, L.A. DeSimone, L.J. Ostiguy, and S.A. Archfield, 2010. Indicators of Streamflow Alteration, Habitat Fragmentation, Impervious Cover, and Water Quality for Massachusetts Stream Basins . U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2009-5272, Report: x, 70 p. Appendices [Link]

Archfield, S.A., R.M. Vogel, P.A. Steeves, S.L. Brandt, P.K. Weiskel, and S.P. Garabedian, 2010. The Massachusetts Sustainable-Yield Estimator: A decision-support tool to assess water availability at ungaged stream locations in Massachusetts. U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2009-5227, Report: viii, 43 p.; Appendix: 4 Plates - Plate 1: 50 x 36 inches, Plates 2 thru 4: each 36 x 24 inches; Estimator Tool; Also available on CD-ROM [Link]

Hirsch, R.M., D. Moyer, and S.A. Archfield, 2010, Analysis of long-term surface water quality data using Weighted Regressions on Time, Discharge, and Season (WRTDS): motivations, method, and application to Chesapeake Bay River Input Monitoring data, Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 46(5):857-880, DOI: 10.1111/j.1752-1688.2010.00482.x. [Link]

Vogel, R.M., J. Sieber, S.A. Archfield, M.P. Smith, C.D. Apse and A. Huber-Lee, 2007, Relations among storage, yield and instream flow, Water Resources Research, 43, doi:10.1029/2006WR005226, 2007.

Archfield, S.A. and C.S. Carlson, 2006. Ground-Water Contributions to Reservoir Storage and the Effect on Estimates of Firm Yield for Reservoirs in Massachusetts. Scientific Investigations Report 2006-5045, viii, 27 p. [Link]

Waldron, M.C. and S.A. Archfield, 2006. Factors Affecting Firm Yield and the Estimation of Firm Yield for Selected Streamflow-Dominated Drinking-Water-Supply Reservoirs in Massachusetts. Scientific Investigations Report 2006-5044, vi, 39 p. [Link]

Archfield, S.A. and D.R. LeBlanc, 2005. Comparison of diffusion- and pumped-sampling methods to monitor volatile organic compounds in ground water, Massachusetts Military Reservation, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, July 1999-December 2002. Scientific Investigations Report 2005-5010, 53 p. [Link]

Bent, G.C. and S.A. Archfield, 2002. A logistic regression equation for estimating the probability of a stream flowing perennially in Massachusetts. Water-Resources Investigations Report 2002-4043, 45 p. [Link]


My Science Topics

Science Topic
Water Resourcesdrainage basins
Water Resourceslakes
Water Resourcesrunoff
Water Resourcesstreamflow
Water Resourcessurface water
Water Resourceswater budget
Water Resourceswater properties
Water Resourceswater supply and demand
Water Resourceswater use
Techniques and Methodscomputational methods
Techniques and Methodsgeographic information systems (GIS)
Techniques and Methodsmathematical modeling
Techniques and Methodsmathematical simulation
Techniques and Methodsstatistical analysis
Natural Resourceswater resources
Ecology and Environmentenvironmental assessment
Atmosphere and Climateclimate change
Atmosphere and Climateglobal change

My USGS Science Strategy Areas

Understanding Ecosystems & Predicting Ecosystems Change

Climate Variability & Change

A Water Census of the United States

Surface-water hydrology and statistics

Image of Current Focus for Surface-water hydrology and statistics
Statistics and stochastic hydrology; surface water and catchment hydrology; water resources management

Contact Information

Stacey Archfield
12201 Sunrise Valley Dr
Reston, VA 20192
703-648-5484 - Fax
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