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Hilary Neckles

Research Ecologist

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Short Biography

Ph.D. in Marine Science from Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William and Mary, 1990

M.S. in Wildlife Biology from University of Minnesota, 1984

B.S. in Wildlife Biology from University of Massachusetts, 1980 

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Neckles, H.A. 2015. Loss of eelgrass in Casco Bay, Maine, linked to green crab disturbance. Northeastern Naturalist 22:478-500. [Article provided in accordance with publisher copyright policy. Any reproduction, other than for an individual's own personal and private use, or distribution of journal content is prohibited without written permission from Eagle Hill Institute.] [Download File]

Neckles, H. A., Lyons, J. E., Guntenspergen, G. R., Shriver, W. G., and Adamowicz, S. C. 2014. Use of structured decision making to identify monitoring variables and management priorities for salt marsh ecosystems. Estuaries and Coasts (DOI) 10.1007/s12237-014-9822-5. [Link]

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Keats, R.A.; Osher, L.J.; Neckles, H. A., 2004. The effect of nitrogen loading on a brackish estuarine faunal community: A stable isotope approach. Estuaries 27:460-471 [Link]

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Neckles, H. A. and Neill, C. 1994. Hydrologic control of litter decomposition in seasonally flooded prairie marshes. Hydrobiologia 286:155-165

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Wetzel, R. L. and Neckles, H.A. 1986. A model of Zostera marina L. photosynthesis and growth: simulated effects of selected physical-chemical variables and biological interactions. Aquat. Bot. 26:307-323.


My Science Topics

Science Topic
Ecology and Environmentenvironmental assessment
Ecology and Environmentestuarine ecosystems
Ecology and Environmentwetlands

My USGS Science Strategy Areas

Understanding Ecosystems & Predicting Ecosystems Change

Coastal and Estuarine Ecology

My research focuses on understanding and predicting responses of estuarine and wetland systems to various human and natural stressors, with the ultimate goal of informing conservation and management decisions in coastal environments. Recent areas of emphasis include developing appropriate indicators and approaches for seagrass, estuarine, and salt marsh ecosystem monitoring and assessment at local and regional scales; determining the impacts of some common commercial fishing practices on New England eelgrass habitats; and quantifying relationships between nutrient loading and the integrity of seagrass ecosystems. My earlier research experience includes investigations of seagrass ecosystems in Chesapeake Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Integrating Scales of Seagrass Monitoring to Meet Conservation Needs

Image of Integrating Scales of Seagrass Monitoring to Meet Conservation Needs

Contact Information

Hilary Neckles
196 Whitten Road
Augusta, ME 04330
207-622-8204 - Fax
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