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Michelle Hornberger

Physical Scientist

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Short Biography

U.C. Davis (Ph.D): Ecology

Moss Landing Marine Labs (M.S.): Marine Ecology

U.C. Santa Barbara (B.A.): Environmental Studies/Geology

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Hornberger, M.I., Luoma, S.N., Johnson, M.L., and Holyoak, M. 2009. Influence of remediation in a mine-impacted river: metal trends over large spatial and temporal scales. Ecological Applications, 19:1522-1535. [Download File]

Hornberger, M.I., Luoma, S.N., Cain, D.J., Parchaso, F., Brown, C.L., Bouse, R.M., Wellise, C., and Thompson, J. 2000. Linkage of bioaccumulation and biological effects to changes in pollutant loads in South San Francisco Bay. Environmental Science and Technology, 34:2401-2409. [Download File]

Hornberger, M.I., Luoma, S.N., van Geen, A., Fuller, C., and Anima, R. 1999. Historical trends of metals in the sediments of San Francisco Bay, California. Marine Chemistry, 64:39-55. [Download File]


My Science Topics

Science Topic
Environmental Issuescontamination and pollution
Environmental Issuestoxic trace elements
Ecology and Environmentaquatic ecosystems
Ecology and Environmentbenthic ecosystems

Ecotoxicology and Disturbance Dynamics in Metal Contaminated Streams

Image of Current Focus for Ecotoxicology and Disturbance Dynamics in Metal Contaminated Streams

My current research interest is studying the impact of hard rock mining on rivers, especially in aquatic insects (which we use as biomonitors of ecosystem health). I am interested in integrating long-term field studies with controlled laboratory experiments, which is necessary in order to identify mechanisms which control metal bioaccumulation patterns in contaminated streams. Field data provide the most realistic assessment of ecosystem health. However, confounding environmental variables make it difficult to assign causality to processes influencing metal exposure. This reasearch will result in creating a predictive model for aquatic biomonitors in metal contaminated rivers. I also have an ongoing interest in understanding spatiotemporal trend dynamics, as it relates to metal contamination in sediments in both estuaries and rivers. 

Contact Information

Michelle Hornberger
345 Middlefield Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025
650-329-4463 - Fax
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