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Kate Campbell-Hay

Research Chemist

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Short Biography

Kate Campbell started her career with the USGS with the volunteer for science program as a high school student interested in the water quality of Boulder Creek, CO.  After majoring in chemistry in college, she pursued a Ph.D. at Catech studying the biogeochemistry of arsenic redox transformations in reservoir sediments.  She returned to the USGS as a National Research Council postdoctoral fellow in 2007 in Menlo Park, CA, researching uranium bioremediation in shallow contaminated aquifers.  Currently, she is a research chemist in Boulder, CO.  Her research projects include understanding the biogeochemistry of metals and metalloids in Yellowstone National Park geothermal waters and mine-impacted waters, particularly in acid mine drainage and uranium-contaminated groundwater.  She also studies microbial kinetics of iron, arsenic, and antimony oxidation in acid mine drainage, and how to incorporate microbial kinetics in reactive transport models for field-scale application.


Ph.D. – California Institute of Technology, Environmental Science and Engineering, Pasadena, CA, 2006

M.S. – California Institute of Technology, Environmental Science and Engineering, Pasadena, CA, 2003

B.S. – Georgetown University, Chemistry major, Japanese minor, Washington, D.C., 2001


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My Science Topics

Science Topic
Water Resourcesground water
Water Resourcessurface water
Water Resourceswater quality
Environmental Issuescontamination and pollution
Environmental Issuesmine drainage
Environmental Issuestoxic radionuclides
Geologic Processesgeochemistry
Geologic Processeswater chemistry

My USGS Science Strategy Areas

A Water Census of the United States

Understanding Ecosystems & Predicting Ecosystems Change

Biogeochemical Redox Processes in Natural Waters

Image of Current Focus for Biogeochemical Redox Processes in Natural Waters

-          Abiotic and biotic redox processes in natural waters, including mine-impacted, acid, and geothermal waters

-          Biogeochemical cycling and bioremediation of trace elements, with a focus on iron, arsenic, and uranium

-          Novel sampling techniques for redox species and processes

-          Microbial process kinetic modeling

-          Electro-microbiology of redox active trace elements

Contact Information

Kate Campbell-Hay
3215 Marine St, Bldg 6
Boulder, CO 80309
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