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Jennifer Underwood

Physical Science Tech

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My primary research focus is to understand the fate, transport and survival of waterborne microbial pathogens as well as to identify how good microbes can be used to enhance the removal of chemical pollutants in our nations waters.   Combining the use of culturing, microscopy and molecular tools is useful to identify sources of microbial contamination as well as to understand the environmental controls on the survival and transport of pathogens.  Additionally, identifying relationships between microbial communities and biogeochemical processes in pristine and altered environments aid our understanding of what constitutes “healthy” ecosystems.        



M.S. Biology

University of Colorado Denver, 2009

Advisor:  Timberly Roane


B.A. Sociology

Missouri State University, 2001


Underwood, Jennifer C., et al. "Effects of the antimicrobial sulfamethoxazole on a groundwater bacterial enrichment." Environmental science & technology 45.7 (2011): 3096-3101. [Link]


My Science Topics

Science Topic
Ecology and Environmentbiodiversity
Ecology and Environmentbiogeography
Ecology and Environmentecological processes
Ecology and Environmentecosystem diversity
Ecology and Environmentecosystem functions
Environmental Issuescontamination and pollution
Environmental Issuesground-water quality
Environmental Issueshuman impacts
Environmental Issuespharmaceuticals
Environmental Issuessurface water quality
Environmental Issueswater quality
Water Resourcesground-water quality
Water Resourcessurface water quality
Water Resourceswater quality

Microbial Ecology

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Studying chemical or microbial transport in situ involves the simultaneous injection of a tracer (dyes, non-toxic salts or chemicals) and the target constituent(s) for results to be interpretable.  Here, I am sampling groundwater to measure changes in variables such as pH, anions, cations and conductivity after a previous injection of bromide (conservative tracer) and nitrate (target nutrient).  This study site is within a groundwater plume of treated wastewater at the Massachusetts Military Reservation.

Contact Information

Jennifer Underwood
3215 Marine St, Bldg 6
Boulder, CO 80309
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