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Eric Janney

Supervisory Fishery Biologist

Contact Info

Short Biography

Western Fisheries Research Center, Klamath Falls Field Station

M.S., 2001, Wildlife and Fisheries Resources, West Virginia Universiy, Department of Forestry, Morgantown [Advisor: Dr. Kyle J. Hartman]

B.S., 1994, Biology, University of Kentucky, Department of Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Science, Lexington



Barry, Patrick M.; Janney, Eric C.; Hewitt, David A.; Hayes, Brian S.; Scott, Alta C., 2009. Population Dynamics of Adult Lost River (Deltistes luxatus) and Shortnose (Chasmistes brevirostris) Suckers in Clear Lake Reservoir, California, 2006-08. U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2009-1109, iv, 19 p. [Link]

Janney, Eric C.; Hayes, Brian S.; Hewitt, David A.; Barry, Patrick M.; Scott, Alta; Koller, Justin; Johnson, Mark; Blackwood, Greta, 2009. Demographics and 2008 Run Timing of Adult Lost River (Deltistes luxatus) and Shortnose (Chasmistes brevirostris) Suckers in Upper Klamath Lake. U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2009-1183, v, 33 p. [Link]

Hartman, K. J. and E. C. Janney. 2006. Relative persistence and dispersal of age-0 and age-1 largemouth bass stocked into two Ohio River embayments. Journal of Freshwater Ecology 21:627637.

Hartman, K. J., and E. C. Janney. 2006. Visual implant elastomer and anchor tag retention in largemouth bass. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 26:665–669.

Janney, E. C., R. S. Shively, B. S. Hayes, and P. M. Barry. 2008. Demographic analysis of Lost River sucker and shortnose sucker populations in Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 137:1812-1825.

Hewitt, D. A., E. C. Janney, B. S. Hayes, and R. S. Shively. 2010. Improving inferences from fisheries capture-recapture studies through remote detection of PIT tags. Fisheries 35(5):217-231.


My Science Topics

Science Topic
Ecology and Environmentecological processes
Ecology and Environmentfreshwater ecosystems
Techniques and Methodscomputational methods
Techniques and Methodsmathematical modeling
Techniques and Methodsremote sensing
Techniques and Methodsstatistical analysis
Natural Resourcesfishery resources
Natural Resourcesinland fisheries

Capture-recapture models, model selection methods, distance sampling, stock assessment methods, study design.

Research Interests:
Population ecology, biology and ecology of endangered and threatened fishes, using remote PIT tag technology to improve data collection efficiency in large rivers and lakes, fish tagging methods.

Contact Information

Eric Janney
2795 Anderson Avenue
Klamath Falls, OR 97603
541-273-8689 x202
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