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Dale Cox

Project Manager

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Dale Cox Bio:


Dale A. Cox is the Regional Hazards Coordinator for the USGS Pacific Southwest and and Region 9 Lead of the Department of Interior, Regional Emergency Coordination Council. He was formerly the Project Manager of the USGS Multi-Hazards Demonstration Project (MHDP).  In that position, Cox coordinated the work of over 300 scientists and experts in 2008 to create the ShakeOut Earthquake Scenario, the most comprehensive earthquake scenario ever created.  He is one of the creators of the “The Great Southern California ShakeOut“, the largest emergency response exercise in the Nation’s history. Cox also coordinated the USGS 2007 Firestorm Response that included ash chemical analysis, endangered species assessment and recovery, and a real-time debris flow warning system completed in time for the first rains.  Cox led the ARkStorm, a disaster scenario examining modern impacts of a storm analogous to those that impacted California in 1861/62 and is now working on a tsunami scenario to improve community resiliency in the Pacific.


Dale A. Cox joined the US Geological Survey in 1994, where he surveyed and reported on the hydrologic conditions of the High Plains Aquifer. While in Nebraska, he helped to create Groundwater Guardian, an international collaborative partnership between the USGS and the Groundwater Foundation. Cox later served as Chief of Communications at the USGS California Water Science Center.  He was a coordinator of the Lake Tahoe Presidential Forum and the bathymetric mapping of Lake Tahoe. Cox also served as a coordinator of the National Oceans Conference, another presidential forum to raise awareness and develop global partnerships to tackle ocean issues. Later, Cox was served as the USGS Western Publishing Manager.


Cox is a graduate of the University of Nebraska and is married to Kristin Cox, a middle school math and science teacher in El Dorado Hills, CA. He is the father of five daughters, Kathryn, Elizabeth, Suzanne, Madeline, and Amelia.




U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2010-1312 OF 2010-1312 Multihazards Demonstration Project, "Overview of the ARkStorm Scenario," by Keith Porter, Anne Wein, Charles Alpers, Allan Baez, Patrick Barnard, James Carter, Alessandra Corsi, James Costner, Dale Cox, Tapash Das, Michael Dettinger, James Done, Charles Eadie, Marcia Eymann, Justin Ferris, Prasad Gunturi, Mimi Hughes, Robert Jarrett, Laurie Johnson, Hanh Dam Le-Griffin, David Mitchell, Suzette Morman, Paul Neiman, Anna Olsen, Suzanne Perry, Geoffrey Plumlee, Martin Ralph, David Reynolds, Adam Rose, Kathleen Schaefer, Julie Serakos, William Siembieda, Jonathon Stock, David Strong, Ian Sue Wing, Alex Tang, Pete Thomas, Ken Topping, and Chris Wills; Lucile Jones, Chief Scientist, Dale Cox, Project Manager [Link]

ARkStorm: A West Coast Storm Scenario Cox, D. A.; Jones, L. M.; Ralph, F. M.; Dettinger, M. D.; Porter, K.; Perry, S. C.; Barnard, P. L.; Hoover, D.; Wills, C. J.; Stock, J. D.; Croyle, W.; Ferris, J. C.; Plumlee, G. S.; Alpers, C. N.; Miller, M.; Wein, A.; Rose, A.; Done, J.; Topping, K. American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2009, abstract #NH43A-1305 [Link]

U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1324 California Geological Survey Special Report 207 version 1.0 The ShakeOut Earthquake Scenario—A Story That Southern Californians Are Writing By Suzanne Perry, Dale Cox, Lucile Jones, Richard Bernknopf, James Goltz, Kenneth Hudnut, Dennis Mileti, Daniel Ponti, Keith Porter, Michael Reichle, Hope Seligson, Kimberley Shoaf, Jerry Treiman, and Anne Wein, 2008, U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1324California Geological Survey Special Report 207 version 1.0 [Link]

U.S. Geological Survey Open File Report 2008-1150 California Geological Survey Preliminary Report 25 version 1.0 The ShakeOut Scenario By Lucile M. Jones, Richard Bernknopf, Dale Cox, James Goltz, Kenneth Hudnut, Dennis Mileti, Suzanne Perry, Daniel Ponti, Keith Porter, Michael Reichle, Hope Seligson, Kimberley Shoaf, Jerry Treiman, and Anne Wein [Link]

U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Open-File Report 2007–1255 Increasing Resiliency to Natural Hazards—A Strategic Plan for the Multi-Hazards Demonstration Project in Southern California By Lucy Jones, Richard Bernknopf, Susan Cannon, Dale A. Cox, Len Gaydos, Jon Keeley, Monica Kohler, Homa Lee, Daniel Ponti, Stephanie Ross, Steven Schwarzbach, Michael Shulters, A. Wesley Ward, and Anne Wein [Link]

Water-level changes in the High Plains Aquifer; predevelopment to 1993 1994, Dugan, J. T.; Cox, D. A. USGS Water-Resources Investigations Report: 94-4157 [Link]


My Science Topics

Science Topic
Natural Hazardsearthquake preparedness
Natural Hazardsearthquakes
Natural Hazardsfloods
Natural Hazardshazards
Natural Hazardslandslides
Natural Hazardstsunamis


Preparedness Now

heo Alexopoulos, to create the film Preparedness Now, a viceral journey through the the USGS ShakeOut Earthquake Scenario. The film was created in cooperation with the Designmatters program at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena to depict the physical, social, and economic consequences of the most comprehensive earthquake scenario ever created. In fewer than five minutes, the film conveys the earthquake’s impacts and inspires viewers to prepare and mitigate, in order to have a faster recovery. The premise behind the film’s collaboration is that design is a powerful catalyst that can bridge the divide between scientific understanding about damaging quakes, and the ability of the public to feel empowered to improve preparedness.

Contact Information

Dale Cox
Modoc Hall, USGS, 3020 State University Drive East
Sacramento, CA 95819
626-583-6798 - Fax
916-997-4209 - Mobile
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