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Robert Dorazio

Research Statistician (Biology)

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Dorazio, R.M. 2016. Bayesian data analysis in population ecology: motivations, methods, and benefits. Population Ecology 58: 31-44. [Link]

Pacifici, K., B.J. Reich, R.M. Dorazio, and M.J. Conroy. 2016. Occupancy estimation for rare species using a spatially-adaptive sampling design. Methods in Ecology and Evolution in press [Link]

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Dorazio, R.M. and Hunter, M.E. 2015. Statistical models for the analysis and design of digital polymerase chain reaction (dPCR) experiments. Analytical Chemistry 87: 10886-10893. [Link]

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Dorazio, R.M. and E.F. Connor. 2014. Estimating abundances of interacting species using morphological traits, foraging guilds, and habitat. PLoS ONE 9: e94323. [Link]

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Hua, F., R.J. Fletcher Jr., K.E. Sieving, and R.M. Dorazio. 2013. Too risky to settle: avian community structure changes in response to perceived predation risk on adults and offspring. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 280: 20130762. [Link]

Dorazio, R.M. 2013. Bayes and empirical Bayes estimators of abundance and density from spatial capture-recapture data. PLoS ONE 8: e84017. [Link]

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Shirley, M.H., R.M. Dorazio, E. Abassery, A. Elhady, M.S. Mekki, and H.H. Asran. 2012. A sampling design and model for estimating abundance of Nile crocodiles while accounting for heterogeneity of detectability of multiple observers. Journal of Wildlife Management 76: 966--975.

Pacifici, K., R.M. Dorazio, and M.J. Conroy. 2012. A two-phase sampling design for increasing detections of rare species in occupancy surveys. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 3: 721--730.

Dorazio, R.M. 2012. Predicting the geographic distribution of a species from presence-only data subject to detection errors. Biometrics 68: 1303--1312. [Link]

Dorazio, R.M. and D.T. Rodriguez. 2012. A Gibbs sampler for Bayesian analysis of site-occupancy data. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 3: 1093--1098. [Link]

Dorazio, R.M., N.J. Gotelli, and A.M. Ellison. 2011. Modern methods of estimating biodiversity from presence-absence surveys. In Biodiversity Loss in a Changing Planet, O. Grillo and G. Venora (eds.), InTech, ISBN 978-953-307-707-9. [Link]

Miller, M.W, E.V. Pearlstine, R.M. Dorazio, and F.J. Mazzotti. 2011. Occupancy and abundance of wintering birds in a dynamic agricultural landscape. Journal of Wildlife Management 75: 836--847.

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Langtimm, C.A., R.M. Dorazio, B.M. Stith, and T.J. Doyle. 2011. New aerial survey and hierarchical model to estimate manatee abundance. Journal of Wildlife Management 75: 399--412.

Walls, S.C., J.H. Waddle, and R.M. Dorazio. 2011. Estimating occupancy dynamics in an anuran assemblage from Louisiana, USA. Journal of Wildlife Management 75: 751--761.

Oliveira-Santos, L.G.R., R.M. Dorazio, W.M. Tomas, G. Mourao, and F.A.S. Fernandez, 2011. No evidence of interference competition among the invasive feral pig and two native peccary species in a neotropical wetland. Journal of Tropical Ecology 27: 557--561.

Dorazio, R.M., M. Kery, J.A. Royle, and M. Plattner. 2010. Models for inference in dynamic metacommunity systems. Ecology 91: 2466--2475.

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Kery, M.; Royle, J.A.; Plattner, M.; Dorazio, R.M., 2009. Species richness and occupancy estimation in communities subject to temporary emigration. Ecology 90: 1279-129.

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Dorazio, R.M., B. Mukherjee, L. Zhang, M. Ghosh, H.L. Jelks, and F. Jordan. 2008. Modeling unobserved sources of heterogeneity in animal abundance using a Dirichlet process prior. Biometrics 64: 635--644.

Jordan, F., H.L. Jelks, S.A. Bortone, and R.M. Dorazio. 2008. Comparison of visual survey and seining methods for estimating abundance of an endangered, benthic stream fish. Environmental Biology of Fishes 81: 313--319.

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Dodd, C.K. and R.M. Dorazio. 2004. Using counts to simultaneously estimate abundance and detection probabilities in a salamander community. Herpetologica 60: 468--478.

Dorazio, R.M., and F.A. Johnson. 2003. Bayesian inference and decision theory - a framework for decision making in natural resource management. Ecological Applications 13: 556--563.

Dorazio, R.M., and J.A. Royle. 2003. Mixture models for estimating the size of a closed population when capture rates vary among individuals. Biometrics 59: 351--364.


My Science Topics

Science Topic
Ecology and Environmentbiodiversity
Ecology and Environmentbiogeography
Ecology and Environmentecological processes
Ecology and Environmentenvironmental assessment
Techniques and Methodscomputational methods
Techniques and Methodsrisk assessment
Techniques and Methodsstatistical analysis

Research Interests

Robert Dorazio is a Research Statistician at the U.S. Geological Survey's Wetland and Aquatic Research Center. He also holds a Courtesy Associate Professorship in the Department of Statistics at the University of Florida.  His research is motivated primarily by statistical inference problems that arise in the general areas of population dynamics, community ecology, and conservation biology.  In solving these problems he develops and applies novel sampling designs and novel statistical models in quantitative investigations of natural populations or communities of animals (including imperiled or declining species).  He is also interested in developing the theory and practice of adaptive decision making in problems of natural resource management.

Hierarchical Modeling Book (with Andy Royle)

Image of Hierarchical Modeling Book (with Andy Royle)

Published by Academic Press in 2008, this book describes a general and flexible framework for modeling and inference in ecological systems based on hierarchical models, with a strict focus on the use of probability models and parametric inference. Hierarchical models represent a paradigm shift in the application of statistics to ecological inference problems because they combine explicit models of ecological system structure or dynamics with models of how ecological systems are observed. The principles of hierarchical modeling are developed and applied to problems in population, metapopulation, community, and metacommunity systems.

e-book version (available to all USGS employees):

Contact Information

Robert Dorazio
7920 NW 71St Street
Gainesville, FL 32653
352-378-4956 - Fax
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